The saronic gulf

The Greek travel on a yacht. Under the winds of the Saronic Gulf

Why is Greece so attracting to us? Antique buildings, the cradle of democracy, historical monuments, rocky shores of hundreds of coves and bays? Undoubtedly, the Greece land remains one of the most visited tourist areas in Europe. However, some people know that Greece is the perfect place for yachting.

Greece – the perfect view from the sea

Ancient Greeks were famous for their ability to travel by sea. They sent trade missions and diplomatic missions all over the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. They founded coastal colonies and swam far beyond the Pillars of Hercules. Today, literally everyone can experience the same feeling. You can imagine yourself an ancient sailor exploring the mysterious wasters Mediterranean. All you have to do is simply go to Greece, rent a yacht and arrange a cruise on the Saronic Gulf.

This bay is the largest within the famous Aegean Sea. Geographically, it is located between the peninsula of Peloponnese and Attica. The main feature of the Saronic Gulf is that it is perfect for sea travel. Gulf Coast can share a lot of historical monuments. Harbor town will surprise you with it’s hospitality. Beautiful Greek nature will make you fall in love.

In addition, the waters of the Saronic Gulf are well known for their weak winds. This allows you travel on your yacht without fear of storm. This place is perfect for those who is about to rent a yacht for the first time.

Where to anchor. All about the islands

As we have mentioned above Greece is very picturesque. The islands and the cities of the Saronic Gulf are considered the best place for a vacation. If you are traveling on a yacht, you will inevitably visit a few wonderful places, in which you would like to stop for some time.

Aegina – the center of the Gulf

One of the central islands of the Saronic Gulf is Aegina. This island is well known because of pistachios. The best pistachios exported worldwide grow on Aegina. However, pistachios is not the only reason for Aegina being so famous. Aegina is also famous for its historical monuments. During your trip, you will often have to grapple islands. Aegina is one of those islands you should not skip.

First of all – the Temple of Apollo. There is also a huge Archaeological Museum on the island. For those who are not attracted to antiquity there is another historical monument. You should visit Asomati. This is a medieval chapel with incredible handmade frescoes. Convent of Saint Nektarios for many years remains one of the most popular places on the island. However, all these sights pale in comparison with the majestic temple of Athena Afaia. It was built two and a half thousand years ago.

Poros – at the Peloponnese coast

Island of Poros is located very close to the Peloponnesus. It is a small and cozy place with unprecedented hospitality.  Everyone who travels through the Greek seas is welcome here. When you reach the coast of Poros it reminds you of fairy tales. Little houses reach the sea from the huge mountains. It is a peaceful island away from civilization. One of the main sights is the Female Monastery of Life-Giving Source. However, if you really want an unforgettable experience, you should climb to the top of the mountain to see one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Mediterranean …

Following the trails of Hydra

Hydra Island is one of the most historically rich islands of the Saronic Gulf. Not only because of the geographical position but also because of a huge variety of local cultures. This relatively small island was sparsely populated for a long time. The change began in the sixteenth century when Hydra was flooded with refugees from neighboring countries fleeing the war between Venice and the Ottoman Empire.

Since the mid-eighteenth century Hydra became an island of sea merchants and pirates, who were traveling not only in the Greek seas, but also swam away from home in the Black Sea. During the reign of the Emperor Napoleon in Europe, island merchants sent large naval convoys to England.

Today, Hydra is a unique island with its own traditions. Be prepared that when you drop your anchor and go down to the land, you will find yourself in a place where are not allowed any kind of cars. The whole life of locals and tourists is concentrated near the small port. You can find there restaurants with excellent Mediterranean menu, coffee shops, souvenir shops and taverns. Everything on Hydra creates an impression of a carefree holiday, where you would like to stay forever.

In the forests of Spetses

It is impossible to imagine a yacht journey through the Saronic Gulf without a stop at the shores of the Spetses Island. A wonderful place with its incredible atmosphere. Half of the island is covered in pristine pine forests. Among other things, Spetses is famous for its aromatic herbs.

Another interesting feature of this island are pebble streets. They are lined which various marine rocks that create incredible patterns. You will not find any monuments on this island however, local restaurants offer excellent Greek dishes. You can take a walk on one of the oldest ports of the Aegean Sea.

Agistri – the pearl of the Aegean Sea

Indeed, one of the most beautiful islands of the Mediterranean is Agistri. Perhaps you are wondering what awaits you here during your yacht a trip? Excellent beaches and beautiful scenery. This is the perfect place for a vacation.

The main sight here is the old mill, which is more than two hundred years old. You can also visit the Church of the Holy Apostles and Zoodohu Pigis (a vivid example of the local architectural traditions). However, there are plenty of interesting places on Agistri, enough to make your holiday bright and memorable.

The medieval fortress of Monemvasia

Well, finally, you’re in Monemvasia. This is an old medieval castle, which is located in the eastern Peloponnese and is connected to the mainland with a recently built bridge. The bridge was built forty years ago. However, the island-fortress was inhabited in the sixth century AD.

Yacht travel route in the Saronic Gulf

Yacht travel in the Aegean Sea can be anything you like. Many experienced tourists make their own convenient and interesting routes. Newcomers would rather hire a professional skipper to make the route and manage the yacht.

There are always two options in Greece. You can rent a boat and hire a professional skipper to lead your way or you can simply rent a boat a make your own route. First option is most common. The professionally laid route is not the only reason to hire a skipper. You can also relax during the trip and let the professional handle the trip. In addition, you have a chance to enjoy interesting stories about every island on your way.

Given the amount of interesting places, it is recommended to plan ahead all your stops to visit local sights. You can plan visiting the local museums and historical monuments during the daytime and spend your evenings meeting sunsets in coastal cafes and restaurants. Their menu will surprise you with delicious local cuisine. And make shore you try excellent local wine and real Greek olives.

Travel note

Regarding the financial issue. These expenses you should take in consideration while planning your yacht trip in Greece:

  • When you rent a yacht at the end of the journey you may be asked to pay for the final cleaning (not always, but still). This can cost you sometimes up to 200 euros;
  • If you are planning to hire a skipper the usual price is about 120-150 euros per day. However, it is better to have some extra money because multilingual skippers sometimes charge a little more than that.

Itinerary Informations

Departure: Athens Total distance: 175 nautical miles approximately

1st day: Embarkation
2nd day: Athens – Aegina (25 nm)
3rd day: Aegina – Angistri – Poros (30 nm)
4th day: Poros – Hydra (20 nm)
5th day: Hydra – Dokos – Spetses (25 nm)
6th day: Spetses -Tselevinia – Poros (40 nm)
7th day: Poros – Perdika (Aegina) – Athens (35 nm)
8th day: Disembarkation