The sporades

From Sporades to Halkidiki. Traveling on the yacht through the Greek seas

Ancient Greece is considered the cradle of modern civilization. Many of the principles and concepts, including democracy, now bring great benefits to humanity. However, modern Greece is a wonderful resort area in the first place. The price is very cheap. Those picturesque islands can turn even the laziest tourist in adventurer, ready to go now a sea voyage on a yacht.

Greece Nature is so good, that it looks like it was designed intentionally for seafarers. Ancient Greeks took advantage of this huge benefit and quickly mastered shipbuilding. They explored the Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Now everybody can experience the emotions that were only available to ancient discoverers and colonists. Sporades Islands and the peninsula of Halkidiki are the perfect places to go on a sea cruise on a yacht. You can turn an ordinary vacation into an unforgettable Greek holiday.

Yacht charter and a trip to the Sporades islands

You can chose any convenient route to travel from one island to another. You can plan long trip for couple of weeks it is all up to you! However, before planning a rout through the Sporades islands you should know what places to visit in the first place.

Skiathos Island – the island of pine trees and picturesque bays. Indeed, the beauty of this island is fascinating, especially if this is your first encounter with Greece. The island has many old monasteries and small towns that prepossess tourists with their comfort and a geniality. You may find there an endless network of narrow streets, which you want to walk forever. Like most Greek islands, Skiathos is a living history. You may find here traces of almost all known civilization starting with the time of the Greco-Persian wars. Island will give you excellent beaches and beautiful countryside, which allows you to feel truly free. Before departure be sure to visit the beach of Koukounaries, which is located in the south-west part of Skiathos.

If are traveling through the Greek seas you should visit Skyros for a couple of days. It is the largest Sporades Island of the archipelago. This place is fabulous without any exaggeration. Besides, Skyros played a huge role in Greek history. Myths say that Achilles was hiding on this island in the palace of the local king trying to avoid the events of Trojan War. However, his fate was already sealed.

Despite all the importance of Skyros, this island is never crowded with tourists, allowing to preserve the original beauty of untouched nature. What should you see in the first place? Be sure to visit one of the most beautiful beaches in the archipelago. They are located in small bays all over the island. They look like decorations for pirate adventure movies.  Small towns and their narrow cobbled streets that spread out on the island will pleasantly surprise you. By the way, if you want to buy a souvenir from Greece Skyros is the best place. Skyros is the motherland of the best craftsmen in Greece.

Skopelos – another island of Northern Sporades, which is called “last unspoilt shelter of Greek traditions and crafts”. Not to mention that this island is considered the cleanest islands despite people living here for thousands of years. This island is also a perfect place for those who are fond of history and architecture. You may find three and a half hundreds of monasteries, temples and churches, each of which can rightly be considered a masterpiece. The number of the beaches and sights to see is almost equal. If you are traveling among the Greek islands on a yacht – Skopelos is a great place to anchor for a few days.  Drown in the pristine nature of this place!

Exploring Halkidiki

Another way to experience a real sea adventure is going on a yacht along the coast of the Halkidiki peninsula. You have a real chance to meet on way places that most of visitors consider the most beautiful in the whole Mediterranean region.

The whole peninsula looks like a trident, each of the blades cuts far into the sea: Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos.

Kassandra – the first, so-called “finger” of Halkidiki. Tourists enjoy visiting Cassandra because it has a very long and a very white beach. But this is not only reason Cassandra is famous for. First of all, people come here to rest in bosom of the purest nature. You can enjoy the beautiful natural monuments that you can’t find anywhere else. The cave Petralona or forest Holomonty are worth seeing them. However, here you can find a lot of historical ruins: Stagira, Olynthus, Mendy. Cruise along the Kassandra Peninsula may be the most vivid impression in your life. The open sea views are really beautiful. In addition, the infrastructure on the island is well developed. However, the prices in the hotels and restaurants is not always as cheap as we would like. Most of tourists prefer to travel along the coast and very rarely get on the land.

The second “blade” is Sithonia. The peninsula got its name from the titan Seaton, whose father was Poseidon himself.  Myths say that he Seaton, former king of Macedonia during his life, lived in Sithonia up to the fifth century BC. Today Sithonia is well known for dozens of beautiful coves and bays, which you should definitely visit on a yacht. This part of the peninsula is usually full of sea travelers and divers, so when planning a Greek cruise, be sure to add Sithonia in your route.

The last point in the journey along the peninsula of Halkidiki on a yacht will be Athos. This is a real Christian shrine. The peninsula is well known thanks to the Mount Athos, which is located there. Every year about 120 000 people fly to this destination. This is a good place to have a real Greek vacation. Territory of Mount Athos is territory of Christian laws. They usually let in not more than 100-120 people per day. However, if you are travelling on yacht you can stay as long as you like. You can still enjoy the beautiful scenery of the coast of Mount Athos. If you anchor your boat here Mount Athos will open to you its best views.


Itinerary Informations

Departure: Skiathos Total distance: 200 nautical miles approximately

1st day: Embarkation
2nd day: Skiathos – Orei (Evia) (25 nm)
3rd day: Orei -Trikeri (Pellion Peninsula) (15 nm)
4th day: Trikeri – Koukounaries (Skiathos) (12 nm)
5th day: Koukounaries – Panormos (Skopelos) (15 nm)
6th day: Panormos
7th day: Panormos – Steni Valla (Alonissos) (20 nm)
8th day: Steni Valla – Planitis (Pelagos) (18 nm)
9th day: Planitis – Linaria (Skyros) (35 nm)
10th day: (Skyros) Linaria
11th day: Linaria – Skopelos (35 nm)
12th day: Skopelos – Glossa (Skopelos) (12 nm)
13th day: Glossa – Skiathos (10 nm)
14th day: Skiathos – N.Tsougria – Skiathos (5 nm)
15th day: Disembarkation